The RoteStar apps are aimed at language students who want to quickly build vocabulary and perfect pronunciation. They have been specifically designed for mobile devices and for off-line use: once the app has been downloaded no internet connection is required. The user interface design is very clean and navigation is straightforward.

The app has four operating modes: Audio, Flash, List and Quiz. However, it is RoteStar’s hands-free Audio mode that really differentiates it from the other apps on the market because it lets users listen and learn while doing otherwise mundane activities.  Simple controls allow users to choose word groups, learning level, word arrangement, language display order, answer delay (allowing users to self-test) and in iOS, the speed of the spoken word.

The app also includes a handy record and playback function that allows users to compare their pronunciation with that of the native speaker.

Each app has around 2,000 English/other-language word pairs and around 200 phrase pairs. The most common and useful words and phrases have been carefully selected and then grouped and arranged into an intuitively sensible presentation order. Grammar tips and extensive lists of cognates and false-cognates help make the app a very handy resource for anyone who is learning a new language.

RoteStar launched in late May 2016 with Spanish and Portuguese versions of the app. French and German apps are scheduled for release in mid-June 2016.


A zip file with PNG images of the Menu, Audio, Flash, List, Settings and Quiz screens.


A PNG file with just the app icon.


This is a PNG download of the RoteStar logo in black.


This is a zip file with high-res photos of RoteStar in action.